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Spring Valersl United Fishing Club

Enjoy the sport of fishing with likeminded people in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria. Join Springvale’s Ultimate Angling Club!

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Welcome to Spring Valersl United Fishing Club

Angling or fishing with a rod and line is among the favourite pastimes of Australians and in Springvale the opportunities to enjoy this sport are numerous. Our club was founded in 2013 with the aim to get people of Springvale and Melbourne, Victoria to participate in fishing more. The city has a host of hot spots where you can fish and catch amazing game for recreation and its suburb Springvale has some of the best.

Have Fun Angling

Have Fun We are passionate about fishing and if you are too then be a part of our club!

Our fishing club was formed by two fishing enthusiasts Robert June and Davis Macmillan and today we have over 125 members who partake in monthly and yearly activities, outings, meetings, seminars and competitions. Let us help you connect with people who love angling and share the same passion for fishing sustainably.

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Join our club whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to start fishing again after a long pause. Every year, our team hosts of events for people of all ages and abilities interested in fishing. Our events are family friendly meaning you and your near & dear ones can enjoy them together.

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Let Us Guide You!

Join our club whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to start fishing again after a long pause. Every year, our team hosts of events for people of all ages and abilities interested in fishing. Our events are family friendly meaning you and your near & dear ones can enjoy them together.

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Meetings, Outings & Other Activities

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General Meets


On the first Sunday of every month at we hold a meeting to which all the members of Spring Valersl United Fishing Club are invited. These meetings can also be attended by family of the members and visitors planning to join our club. Every three months, the meets have special guest speakers with years of experiences and several championship wins.

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Every year, our team, club members and volunteers hold 18 outings. The dates, locations and timings are decided by the members and they usually try to plan the outings on weekends. These outings can be trips to several fishing spots around Springvale or in Melbourne and Victoria. These outings are also sometimes planned for ANSA Conventions.

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There is no dearth of celebrations at Spring Valersl United Fishing Club as we treat every member as family. We are open to hosting parties, get togethers, angling competitions, dinners, anniversaries, and much more at our club. Besides celebrating personal events, as a member you are always welcome to join the annual foundation dinner on 26th June every year.

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Other Activities


In addition to the set meetings and outings, our club is flexible and indulges in other activities like teaching seminars for beginners, workshops to learn about fishing equipment etc. We also hold kids fishing clinics to help children of our club members or other kids interested in angling get guidance.

Volunteer With Us

We appreciate all the help we can get. So, if you are interested in learning more about fishing in Melbourne, Victoria then volunteer with us to see how we operate.


Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL)

Become a member of our fishing club if you have a Recreational Fishing Licence. You can also contact us if you don’t have the licence because we have a team of fully-trained, dedicated and passionate experts who can help you get one without a hint of stress. RFL is needed for recreational fishing for all types of marine and inland waters in Victoria.

You can also seek guidance from our existing members or contact the administration team to begin the process of procuring your RFL. For more information and guidance, contact our in-house team of experts today and be a part of our fishing club.

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When is RFL Required?

In case you are not exempted, RFL is needed when you take or attempt to take any fish species by any method from water bodies of Melbourne and Victoria.


How to Buy The Licence?

Yes, you have to pay for the license but it’s worth the payment because then you can angle in the creeks, lakes, or any other water bodies in Springvale, Melbourne or Victoria.

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    There are four categories of recreational fishing licences. You can a RFL for 3 days, 28 days, 1 year or 3 years.

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    From our club member’s experience, we have seen getting the licence for 1 year is the best option for beginners

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    3 years RFL is suitable for people with fishing experience and pros.

You can apply for the license online. If you have gotten a physical license then wait for at least two weeks for arrival via post.

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Digital RFL

Anyone interested in angling can get a digital RFL by visiting the Service Victoria website.

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Plastic Fishing Licence

1 or 3 years RFLs are available at any authorised agent (standard fee) or online (discounted fee)

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Authorised Agent

Find a fishing license near you and get it from there. Remember, a standard fee would apply.

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Interstate Fishing

The Victorian RFL is not valid in other states. So, make sure you get required documents for other states.



Spring Valersl United Fishing club

Our club is running successfully for year now and we are a bunch of fishing enthusiasts who are passionate and want to learn as much as possible about various species of fishes that live in the water bodies of Springvale, Melbourne and other suburbs and cities of Victoria.

We encourage our associates to participate in fishing sports competitions and get recognition. What’s more, we host club meetings every month, plan at least 18 outings, party and celebrate with all the members and do much more.

Our Club
Our Team Has Experienced Fishers

We are proud to say, our administration team has experienced fishers who share the same passion for angling as our club members. Most of our team members have participated in and won several fishing sports competitions and they can provide valuable guidance.

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Meet Our Members


We urge people who are interested in joining our club to first visit a few meetings and get to know our club members. It is a great way to connect with like-minded people and make your mind about joining our organisation. If necessary, we can set up a face-to-face interview with our founders too.

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Got Any Queries?


Understandably, you may have questions and questions you want answered before joining the Spring Valersl United Fishing Club. No worries! You can contact us on phone or drop an email. Our representatives will responds as soon as possible. You can also come and visit our club meetings to get to know more about us.

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