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At Spring Valersl United Fishing Club every member is dedicated towards exploring Victorian waters for fish species. Our club members regularly partake in recreational and competitive fishing activities to satiate their need for enjoyment or practise. Thus, whether you are drawn towards angling for recreational purposes or view it as a sport, our club is the right place for you.

We conduct a host of meetings, outing and other activities to keep our club members engaged and meet the required of each person associated with us.


On the first month of each Sunday, our club hold a meeting that is attended by the members, visitors and family or friends of club members. The dates, timing, locations and other aspects of these meetings are decided by the members. The yearly calendar of these meeting is usually created in the month of January and shared with all the members via email.

In 2020, many meetings were conducted remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this year too, our club and its member are mindful of any restrictions imposed by the Australian government and the state administration.

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two child holding umbrella at the beach


Our managers make sure to conduct at least 18 trips, picnics, and other outings every year. Like the meetings the dates, locations and other things are decided by the members and everyone ensures that the outings are enjoyable.

Generally the outings are planned for weekends when most people are at home and we prefer to conduct trips to other suburbs or places in Melbourne and Victoria on long weekends. Over the years, our club members have visited creeks, lakes, conventions and competitions by ANSA affiliated organisations. In addition, we had outings to local areas for bonding and having fun with everyone.

These outings have our club members and their family or friends who are there for company or partake in the activities we have planned for the days.

Other Activities

Besides conducting monthly meetings and outings with the club members, our administrative team makes sure we participate in other activities too. Thus, we arrange for seminars and workshops given by the senior members of the club or special guests such as ANSA sports finishing champions. These workshops and seminars for open for everyone to attend including visitors who are interested in joining our club.

Over the years, we have hosted several classes and lessons for handling fishing equipment, remaining safe while angling, discussing the need for fishing sustainably, and much more. These seminars and workshops are sometimes divided by categories because some of them are suitable for beginners only. However that doesn’t mean a club member cannot attend them. All are welcome to join us.

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Other things we do include:

Freshwater Fishing In The Waters Of Melbourne And Victoria

The fresh streams allow our club members to angle from boats or the shore and capture excellent game such as trout, Murray Cod, golden perch and much more. The lakes, rivers and reservoirs have abundant aquatic and marine species. But, we are always careful not to disturb the fine balance of nature and our club members only keep fishes enough for consumption and release the rest.

Saltwater Fishing

The state of Victoria has several bays, beaches and offshore fishing grounds where anglers can find salmon, tuna, and other common fishes like spanner, flathead, kingfish, and King George whiting, and many more.

During our saltwater fishing trips, our club members partake in Pier and Surf fishing. Pier fishing is enjoyable for the locals and visitors who angle from Rosebud to Mornington piers on the Mornington Peninsula. For this sport or recreational activity you can also explore the Great Ocean Road, Lorne, Apollo Bay, and Bellarine Peninsula etc.

For Surf fishing you can explore with us the Gippsland to fish at the Pearl Point Cape, Loch Sport Beach, Inverloch and the wild waters at Corinella. On the Great Ocean Road you can surf fish at Portland, Narrawong Beach and others.

If you want to enjoy these activities or take part in more then feel free to get in touch with us to learn how to become a member of the reckoned Spring Vallersl Fishing United Club.