Healthy competition is always uplifting for our club members. We are proud to have several members who have participated in and won several pro fishing competitions in Melbourne and Victoria. These experienced individuals serve as guides to our new members and help those who have started fishing for the first time or taken up the sport after a long break. To keep the spirit of angling alive in all members, our club hosts at least 4-5 in-house competitions. These competitions can be held locally or during an outing. Like all our activities, the competitions’ timing, rules, date, and location are decided by the club members.

In addition, our club members partake in state fishing competitions hosted by ANSA affiliated organisations. Other competitions our pro club members have been a part of are mentioned as follows.

These are just some of the tournaments our club members have participated in. Our aim is to always support people of our community to enjoy fishing as a recreational activity or sport. We help them train for the competitions by enhancing their confidence and assisting them with practicing.

Since the COVId-19 outbreak, many competitions were postponed or cancelled which is true for our in-house events as well. However the good news is that many restrictions were eased in by 17 June and people are again free to move around without time or travel limits.

Thus, we plan to host a few more family competitions soon but keeping safety in mind. Although the 25km travel limit will be removed and moving between Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria will resume, we are cautious.

Why Are Competitions Important?

Whether you enjoy angling as a sport or a hobby, competing is crucial for the following reasons.

Want to feel and see how a fishing competition happens? Then give us a call and we will arrange for your visit. It can help you know how club members prepare for competitions. It is a great ways to introduce yourself to others especially, if you are considering joining our club.