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How to Stay Safe While Fishing

Dec 02, 2022

Staying safe and taking necessary safety precautions when you fish are crucial to enjoy the activity in a healthy and fun manner. Whether you are an experienced angler or just started, here is a complete guide outlining safety tips by expert anglers in Melbourne and Victoria. Have a look.

Check Weather Forecasts

Avoid making plans to fish without checking the weather forecast. You should know about wind or storm warnings before you plan to fish at a spot. To know how the weather will be, always visit the Bureau of Meteorology's website for a reliable marine weather forecast.

Safety Tips for Land Fishing

Whether you are fishing from a pier, river bank, shore or platform, follow these tips to ensure safety.

  • Before heading out, inform your family or friends about the outing and share details such as location, time of return etc.
  • Avoid fishing in secluded or remote areas alone. Always take someone along.
  • Wear necessary safety gears and always keep first-aid kit on hand
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes with non-slip footwear
  • If the weather changes and the condition is not suitable, return home or go to a nearby safe place.

General Precautions to Take While Fishing

Here are some things you should always keep in mind whether you are rock fishing, boat fishing, beach angling or doing any other type of angling.

  • Observe the water bodies to ensure the conditions are suitable
  • Always go to fishing spots with fellow club members, family or friends
  • Wear appropriate clothing, safety gear and footwear
  • While rock or ledge fishing don’t wear waders
  • To know about tidal behaviour and fishing spot accessibility, consult local advisers
  • Never turn your back on the sea
  • Before diving in water ensure the conditions are good
  • Be prepared to cut short the outing if the weather worsens
  • When going to fish on a boat or a kayak, ensure the vehicle is properly maintained.
  • Never drink and boat
  • Always respect speed and distance limits while boating for fishing
  • Wear a lifejacket on a boat and also on land when fishing on a rock, pier, or a bank of a saltwater body.


To avoid worrying and stressing while planning or going on a fishing trip, always think of safety first. Follow these tips by expert anglers in Melbourne and Victoria to enjoy recreational fishing with your fellow club members, family or friends.