Are you considering joining the Spring Valersl United Fishing Club? Our membership is open for individuals above the age of 15. The fee for the club vary from year to year but we always ensure it is reasonable and affordable since our club members are from all walks of life. We welcome everyone from social angler to competitive anglers. To get started, all you need to do is submit your online application and our committee will review it. The response will be given within 48-72 working hours. Depending on your application, you are chosen for the membership immediately or waitlisted. Whatever the response, we will notify you via email.

If you are chosen for member or the waitlist a one-time registration fee is taken which is not more than $150 and the billing and processing takes around 6-8 weeks.

Our committee always remains fair towards the club’s members, which is why every year, we only enrol a select number of people to avoid overflow of capacity and negligence of existing members.

People who are waitlisted are invited to join the club every year in the month of August after the non-paying members or those who have willingly resigned are bid farewell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contrary to popular belief most fishing clubs in Melbourne and Victoria have fishing enthusiasts with limited experience and it is the same for us. Our committee and club consist of experienced anglers who still compete in several local and national angling competitions. We have people with little to no experience of fishing who have joined the club for exposure and educations.

Plus, we have members who spotted fishing and getting back to their hobby after a gap of several years. Although no one forgets how to fish, being a member of the club gives them the boost of confidence and motivation required to get back in the game.

No because most outings we plan are to spots where fishing from the shore is possible. Club members with boats also accommodate to have other members come along for a safe fishing experience. It helps encourage new club members to try angling from boats if they want to.

Our committee members also angle and have boats that they lend for outings. However, the boat fishing option is only available for club members with a recreational fishing license.

We do not restrict our club members from catching any type of fish unless it is done sustainably and the extra fishes caught are always released. Over the years, our club members have captured King George Whiting, snappers, trouts, breams, tunas, and many other types of fishes.

Everyone is welcome to apply for a club membership. You don’t have to know a Spring Valersl Fishing United Club member to become one. We encourage everyone who is interested in social angling or competitive fishing to come and be a part of our club.

Since we are open to having members from any part of the state or country, it does not matter whether you live in Melbourne, Victoria or any other city or state of Australia. You can apply to be a member of Spring Valersl United Fishing Club anytime of the year.

We do! The groups are formed based on the age and experience of club members. Here are the one you can enrol in according to required criteria.

  • Beginners: for anglers 18 years and over
  • Intermediate: for anglers aged 12 -17 years
  • Senior: for the little ones under 12 years

Yes! We encourage our club members to always come with their near and dear ones to outings and trips. It is good for morale boosting and bonding with other people. All our activities are family and children-friendly and among the best for feeling close to the nature and enjoying fishing to the fullest.