1582 Centre Road Springvale VIC 3171
(03) 9924 0645

Our Club


The Spring Valersl United Fishing Club was established in the year 2013 by a set of fishing enthusiast Robert June and Davis Macmillan. In the beginning our club only had 10 members including the founders. However, we have grown exponentially since and today we are a proud family of 125 members.

Who We Are

We are among the reputed local sports finishing clubs in Springvale and Melbourne, Victoria. Since our clubs incorporation, we have catered to the needs of people interested in competitive and social angling. In addition to having members from all walks of life, our club is reckoned for its administrative team and providing hands-on training and guidance.

Our Mission

Melbourne, Victoria and its suburbs like Springvale, Williamstown, and Sunbury among others have wonderful fishing spots and people across the city and its suburb enjoy recreational or sport fishing. Our mission is to help our members engage in competitive and social angling as per their passion. By holding monthly meetings and outings, we ensure our members need for fishing and enjoying it as a sport or a fun activity.

Our Vision

Currently, our club has members living in the Melbourne’s beautiful suburb Springvale. Our vision is to expand our club and add to it as many members as possible from other regional cities of Victoria like Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo etc. Our team and club members are continuously working towards achieving this goal. So, whether you live near the club or not, you can be a part of it as our membership is open to everyone residing in the state of Victoria.

Our Ethical Code

At Spring Valersl United Fishing Club, we follow a stringent ethical code. Here are the things our club members have to keep in mind while angling.

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    Follow the fishing regulations by the government

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    Fish sustainably by being careful about marine and aquatic habitats

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    Only keep enough fish for eating and release the rest

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    Avoid polluting the water bodies and the surrounding areas

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    Help other anglers with less experience than you

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    Always practice angling upholding the sports spirit

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    Cooperate with authorities whenever necessary

Our Team

Besides the senior members, our club is managed by a team of experienced and skilled anglers who conduct the meetings, sign up new members, host the celebrations and do much more. Here are brief introductions of our founders and team members.

Robert June (Founder)

Robert has over 15 years of angling experience and he has participated in several competitions hosted by the Australian National Sport fishing Association (ANSA) affiliated organisations.

Georgia Anderson (Senior Manager)

Georgia an avid angler with more than 8 years of experience and was the first member of the club after the founders established it.

Davis Macmillan (Founder)

Davis is a pro-angler with 10 years of experience, unbound talent and skills. As the founder of the club, he provides guidance to old and new members alike.

Kale Mendes (Manager)

Kale is among the first few members of the club. He has over 6 years of experience and angling has been a recreational hobby for him since his teenage years.