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The Best Fishing Spots in Melbourne and Victoria

Anyone who is enthusiastic about fishing is in luck when they are in Melbourne or the regional areas of Victoria. Since the city and state have abundant creeks, lakes, rivers, and bay areas you can find a host of places for angling, pier fishing, surf fishing, beach fishing, etc. But what are the best fishing spots in Melbourne and Victoria? Here is a list of them all, have a look.

Albert Lake Park

This spot is not only a favourite for morning/evening strollers, dog walkers and residents, but also of fishing enthusiasts. It is one of the most beautiful spots where you can fish trouts, perch and carps. Its close location to the central business district of Melbourne makes it well connected by road and public transport.

Patterson River

The river is among the busiest boating spot in Victoria and also must visit for anglers. From the riverside you can fish peacefully and catch a variety of species such as the flathead, snapper, and even squid. More experienced anglers can kayak and boat in the river to find and catch salmon, bream and mullet fish among others. The Patterson River is an excellent for picnics and outings with family since its sides are bordered with parks, fishing stations, modern amenities, and much more.

Altona Pier

The name of the spot has pier in it and it is the type of fishing this spot is most popular and suitable for. During peak season, this spot is brimming with anglers and tourists. But, even in off seasons Altona Pier has great weather. If you plan to fish at this spot, arrive as early as possible to enjoy angling peacefully.

Brimbank Park

Another scenic and practical spot for fishing, Brimbank Park is located on the Maribyrnong River’s outer reaches. It is suitable for fishing from the river bank on a kayak or jetty. While angling here, you can capture carp, redfin, bream, garfish, trout and much more. It is a great spot to visit with family and members of your fishing club since you can angle and enjoy several nearby amenities.

The Bottom Line

Melbourne and the regional areas of Victoria have numerous fishing spots where you can angle alone or with club members, family or friends. So, if you want to go and explore some, the ones listed above are the best angling spots. Check them out as soon as possible!

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